Copy of Re-Design

We love a good makeover (aka Re-Design). Let us update your existing site to improve user experience and ensure your site is responsive on smart phones and tablets. Here are a few examples to inspire you.


Case Studies


This site was overdue for an update. We transferred it to Squarespace, created a new logo and added social media to keep the site fresh with these adorable pup pics. 


We love art almost as much as Latrobe Art Center. We wanted to give them a major upgrade with slideshows, calendars, newsletter signup, and donation capabilities.


The Puzzle Project has great imagery but it was hidden under mountains and mountains of text. Our goal was to maintain the content but re-format it in a more dynamic, streamlined way so as to hold the users interest.


Bill did a great job on his own but wanted help taking the site to the next level. It also needed to be user friendly. We even added his best friend (Charlie).


The goal was to re-create the site in a more modern format while maintaining the feel and color palette of the old. She needed to showcase her body of work, press and bio and make it easy for her to maintain moving forward. Yes and Yes.


This is a Wix website. We swapped out the template and chose to use one image for the landing page. Also in thinking like a gallerist/curator, I encouraged the artist to switch from a slideshow to a gallery for his portfolios.


I'd like to think we improved the quality of their (web) data. The site was transferred to Squarespace. We maintained the logo but everything else is a refresh.