What Clients Are Saying

I thank you very much – for a job well done. Just so you know, many of the things you touched and manipulated in the site, I was originally told it couldn’t be done in Squarespace. So you really had the know-how, and I appreciated it very much.

Let’s stay in touch, as I am sure we will work together again in the near future. It was a pleasure working with you.
— Jeff P.
Sharon Reaves has a keen eye, a strong sense of design, is a great listener, and has a vast knowledge of website building. These are the skills I was looking for in a web designer. She was eager to answer any questions I had and very helpful in explaining what I needed to know for my site, and made my participation very easy and approachable. I recommend her highly!
— Beth Caron, Photographer NYC
Sharon Reaves designed my beautiful website in a timely fashion and was exceptionally easy to work with. She paid close attention to my design needs and succeeded in giving me a great, accessible, photographic website. She has a great sense of composition, design, and search engine optimization. She had ideas for me within hours of discussing what I was looking for and was also easy to reach and communicate with.
Let me add my voice to Jenn’s in thanking you for your great efforts on our website. The result is stunning!

Even more, we place high value on building long-term relationships and doing the work in transparent, fair ways. So I especially appreciate you taking exactly the same approach.
— Tom R.
It’s nice to deal with someone “nice” for a change. This is one of the “top ten” things that have happened in my life! Thank you! I can now make this my business and focus on one specific thing.
— Suzun (Artist)
Hiring Sharon was the very best thing I did for my new business. The ideas and concepts Sharon created for my website are stunning, I really enjoyed working with Sharon and have received many compliments both from colleagues and clients alike, I also enjoyed working with Sharon, she’s brilliant and was very patient with all of my questions, email and calls.

When my business expanded she immediately had everything in order with a set of new ideas and I was launched !!! I cant say enough about how great it was to work with Sharon Reaves!!
— John H.
I am beyond happy with the site that Sharon created to help me establish my brand and showcase my meditation/mindfulness/yoga offerings. From the beginning she understood the mood, style and aesthetic I was looking to communicate. Functionally, the site is user-friendly and keeping it current and updated has been easy with Sharon’s help. Working with her is a pleasure and I do not hesitate to recommend her.
— Miriam D.
Thank you for your most recent work on our web-site. Once again, you were easy to work with and we love the results. We’re aiming for simple and crisp and this is the second time you’ve delivered.
I am an Author. Sharon designed my website. It is not only attractive and informative, but receiving many responses.
— Pansy D. (My aunt and first time published author at 90!)
SHARON IS SIMPLY THE BEST! After 2 years of putting off designing my website, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and try to find someone to help me on Upwork. I was apprehensive at first and concerned about working remotely, but after finding Sharon my worries were put at ease. From the moment I had my consultation with Sharon, I knew that she was the one I wanted to work with. She was so easy to talk to and seemed to understand my vision immediately. I felt like I was talking with an old friend.

Here are just some of the many reasons why Sharon is the best:

1. Went above and beyond the call of duty
2. Was genuinely invested in the success of my website
3. Met all deadlines on time
4. Very reasonably priced services
5. High attention to detail
6. Creative ideas to improve the overall aesthetic of the Site
8. Flexible schedule and super accommodating
9. Experienced and included custom coding on my Site
10. Patient and kind

My experience working with Sharon was excellent, and I highly recommended her for any web design project. I will certainly be utilizing Sharon’s expertise again in the future, and cannot imagine having gone through this process without her.
— Katherine H.
Sharon at Reaves Projects was a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. I gave her my vision and some content, and she ran from there to create the website. Sharon treats your business as her own. She has a rare skillset that mixes the art and technical side of a business. She understood my website business strategy, and put a beautiful and professional design element to my website. She also could move around all the technical details to make the website to be easy to navigate. Collaborative and always helpful! A true cheerleader for your business! My retail website would not have been launched without her!”
— Jessica
I HIGHLY recommend Reaves Projects. The founder, Sharon, is an effective mix of web designer, art curator, and savvy business advisor. She listened closely to my vision, quickly manifested all my wishes for the design, and provided suggestions and improvements that I would have never thought of. She also clearly enjoys her work, and this adds energy and fun to the process. I LOVED working with her, and I wouldn’t have the great website that I do without her help. Do not hesitate to hire Reaves Projects...you will have someone that meets your deadline, provides extra support beyond the norm, and delivers an amazing end result.
I am an artist who reluctantly but emphatically understands the power and potency of a strong online presence. Creating an attractive, inviting, smart, thoughtful, engaging and clean site is no easy feat. Sharon spent time trying to understand who I am as an artist, what I wanted to project out into the world, and how a visitor could best engage that message. And throughout every second of the process Sharon managed to deploy absolute professionalism, count-on punctuality, above-and-beyond insightful recommendations, ...and always with a smile and a laugh. Not easy to find that kind of quality commitment anymore. I enthusiastically recommend Reaves Projects. Thank you Sharon.
— Jerome M.
Sharon is a phenomenal designer. She listens, gets to know your company, and thinks about how to translate your needs into a stunning, intuitive, and user-friendly website. She’s flexible, timely, and a pleasure to work with. When I need her help - whether explaining technical issues, advice about content, or problem-solving - she is always at the ready. It is rare to find a designer like Sharon who knows how to visually and operationally translate content and business objectives into practice. I will only use her for my web needs - she’s that good!
— Cheryl A.

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